Aconcagua Trekking

The Andean mountains in all their beauty, accompanied by our knowledgable staff. Mount Aconcagua is a unique symbol of the province of Mendoza.We take you to the heart of the most pristine and magnificent scenery in Mendoza.

Mount Aconcagua is a unique symbol of the province of Mendoza - the highest peak in the Americas at 6,962 meters above sea level. In this hike, we will visit the Confluencia camp site, the first obligatory stop on the way to the summit.

The hike to Confluencia is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy various experiences in the same outing. We’ll follow a route that allows us to see the impressive South Wall of Aconcagua shortly after the beginning of the hike. It takes almost three hours to reach the campsite, where we will delight in a huge panorama of the mountains and glaciers in the area.

Our Aconcagua Trekking is available every day, from November 20th to April 10th. Reservations are required at least five days before your tour.If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation please call in US to 1917 267 8781, email us or use our convenient reservation form.

Note on the itinerary:

*This itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to weather conditions and forecasts, special events of interest, etc. This may mean changing the original itinerary to avoid discomfort or risk which could be caused by exceptional situations. Mendoza Holidays reserves the right to alter the itinerary without prior notice. 


Please enjoy this short video of our winter trekking in the Aconcagua Park...