LujŠn de Cuyo Tour

The land of Malbec,LujŠn de Cuyo, wants you to taste this and others famous amazing varietals of wines that comes from this region.
A First Class Tour created to spend a full day visting and tasting wines from the LujŠn de Cuyo region. During this tour we will get to know a three completely different wineries but with the same level of excellence!
You will be able to enjoy every detail of the visits and of the wines, ending the tour with a high class seven courses gourmet lunch!

Our first stop will be at Renacer winery which it is a fusion of modernity and classicism, in here we will taste Punto Final Sauvignon Blanc, Punto Final Chardonay reserve, Punto Final Malbec Reserve and Enamoré (this last one it's made with the "appassimento" technique!).
Then we continue to a boutique winery called Caelum located on the highway 7 (the same that goes to Chile), in here we gonna do a guided visit with a member of the founding family of this winery followed by a tasting with two Classic Wines and one Reserve Wine paired with the pistachios from their own land.

Five minutes away from Caelum we will arrive at Ruca Malen to have a seven courses paired lunch in their restaurant which has an amazing view to the Andes Mountains and with this we will end the day. 
Please enjoy this short video of our tour at Ruca Malén winery..