Wine Masterclass

Tempus Alba Wine Masterclass covers: Mendoza’s flagship and emerging wine districts, discover alternative grape varieties, 1.5 hour hosted wine tastings, how to get the most enjoyment from your wine, the importance of decanting & selecting the right glassware, tasting notes for each guest, great food & wine matching. Enjoy!

Join us for a fun and educational day on how to differentiate wine based on a few simple practices that are easily taught and learn how to taste wine like a pro. Just down the road, drop in on Bodega Tempus Alba, an artisan winery run by an Argentinean family. With the arrival of their grandparents at this loved land, way back at the beginning of last century, searching for a flourishing life and a place to raise a family; then, their family history began based on love, hard work and hope.

Everything here is a family effort, enthused with their passion of sharing the land and its traditions. It is a space Cadillac of winery in an area that is more famous for dusty, adobe style bodegas and giant concrete juice tanks. Tempus Alba offers a beautifully elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, an intense and rounded Malbec, a complex and cheeky Syrah, a Merlot of deep intrigue and the incredibly refined Reserve Tempus Pleno - a truly stunning blend that captures the Tempus Alba philosophy ¨We are what we do in every bottle¨.

An incredible Cloning Experience

The journey of technological innovation proper begins by selecting a bud from a "genetically superior” mother vine, from which bits of green tissue are taken. The bits 13 will eventually sprout a root system and grow in a glass jar under completely sterile conditions. Once the new plantlet is some 10 cm tall, it is divided into small segments (micro-cuttings) that are replanted in another glass container; thus in-vitro micropropagation continues until the desired number of plants is reached.

After a rustication period, they can be taken outside and planted in the vineyard. The economic importance of this technique lies in the fact that from a single bud it is possible to obtain tens of thousands of genetically identical, virus-free grapevines in one year: a woody cane obtained from the winter pruning of an adult plant will take the same time to give rise to a single plant. It is important to note that this technique does not involve genetic manipulation; it consists simply in accelerating a process as natural as millenary. It replaces a climate dependent production process with an industrial production process under controlled and completely sterile conditions, which ensures genetic uniformity, an exponential rate of multiplication, and absolute plant health andtraceability.

We will learn several ways for Malbec to achieve its maximum quantitative and qualitative expression under similar conditions of genetic material and vineyard management. Tempus Alba owners believe that this is the only way to isolate and assess the pure impact of terroir on the production of unique wines with genetic identity in a given geographic region.

Coupled with great food and amazing views, this whirling tour is truly a unique once in a lifetime experience that will set you on the right path to continue your wine journey at home.


Please enjoy this short video of a private Wine Masterclass at Tempus Alba..