Train your Senses!

A special and unique tour, created for those who want to know and understand the best of wine culture!


First we leave behind the city of Mendoza in order to take our senses on a tour of different wineries located in the heart of the land of Malbec.

The winery Belasco de Baquedano has the most advanced resources in its entire production process, from the harvest to the bottle. After touring the wine tanks and taking a class on the wine making process, we’ll arrive to the famous aroma room, the main attraction of this winery. Acrylic containers contain the primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas of wine, allowing for a true olfactory experience.There are also the aromas of the imperfections in wines - truly an incredible place, unique in Latin America. We will end with a tasting of five wines.

We continue our journey with the Pulenta Estate, which conciliates their long-held family tradition with the latest in wine making technology. The tour of the facility is incredible; the entire process is found below ground! Here we will have the famous sensorial tasting, which is a great opportunity for novices to immerse themselves in the surprising world of wine, another opportunity to train our senses.

Finally we´ll head towards our last stop where the legendary wines of Finca la Anita await us in Agrelo, the central wine producing region. Pioneers in the viticulture revolution of Argentina, they have made some of the best Argentine wines for decades. Their desire to share wines that express the traditions and the land of this area mark each vintage that they produce.

Here we will enjoy an exquisite lunch paired with their fine wines.