High Mountain

Come and enjoy the most varied landscapes up to the summit of Aconcagua and enjoy the snow. Simply a must see!

The Andes mountains in Mendoza have always had an enormous impact on the imagination of those who have seem them. The words with which the characteristics of the Andes were expressed correspond exactly to the categories of the sublime: vertically, grandeur, monumentality, essential purity, the intensity of colors, astonishment, mystical asceticism and transcendence...

The road to Chile is stunning to look at and fascinating to learn about. Following the route that skirts the winding course of the Mendoza river, you will leave the countryside behind in order to enter the pre-mountain range area. The first stop will be in Potrerillos, a small mountain town, with weekend residences belonging to the inhabitants of Mendoza.
There is also an unbeatable view of the Potrerillos dam which forms a breathtaking artificial lake. The following section of the route leads to Uspallata, framed by mountainous landscapes with changing colours, filled with various geological formations and many tunnels on the road. The famous film "Seven years in Tibet" was filmed in this valley.

The trip continues towards several other small mountain towns, Polvaredas, Punta de Vacas, Penitentes, until you reach Puente del Inca, a natural bridge where Las Cuevas river has drilled into the mountains forming this incredible natural attraction. Thermal water emerges from different areas and several pools are being used by the climbers as a free spa!.

Close to the border, a wonderful viewpoint allows us to see the Aconcagua Mt in all its splendor, which stands at 6,962 meters ( 22,841 feet) above sea level . We´ll enter the stunning Horcones Lagoon and to the Provincial Park for a small walk and pictures. The mountains in the Andes are the highest in the world outside of the Himalayas. On the way back we will discover the little and charming town of Uspallata, before driving along Mendoza River on the way back to Mendoza city. This tour is really an amazing way to see and experience the spectacular wilderness areas of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza. End of tour around 6.00pm.

 Please enjoy this short video of our tour in the Andes Mountains during winter season..