Uco Valley Tour

Surrounded by an impressive landscape at the foot of the Tupungato Volcano, you will enjoy these prestigious wineries ending with an exquisite gourmet lunch.

The mountains and the beautiful views in Uco Valley prepare our senses to experience the aromas and flavors of these high-altitude wines. 

We will visit some of the most important and highlighted wineries in the region: Salentein Winery, Domaine Bousquet and Bodega Andeluna, all of which make world renowned wines from this precious land. 

Located in the heart of the Uco Valley, Salentein is one of the most historical and yet modern wineries in Mendoza. It has one of Argentina’s largest scale productions, yielding millions of bottles annually, that are sold and consumed around the globe.  

Salentein aims to make the best Argentine wines using the best of Old World and New World winemaking styles --all while maintaining respect for the people and terroir. When walking through the winery, you will notice it is designed in the shape of a cross. This design of Salentein's entire property is meant to be both spiritual and practical, intriguing the visitors while moving wine production along. When entering the underground cellar, people almost get lost among the 5,000 oak barrels. This high-end tour is designed for you to share and enjoy an excellent day of wine.

We continue for lunch at one of the great rising stars of the region: Bodega Andeluna. The building would look quite at home in a remote part of Texas as a hunting lodge. Situated at the foot of the Andes just outside of the town of Tupungato in the Uco Valley, Andeluna has magnificent views of the mountains. The huge windows of the dining room are designed to take advantage of the effect, allowing us to enjoy the view as much as the food. The kitchen is entirely open for viewing from the dining area, and it is remarkable to see the creativity of these chefs in action. Here you will have a multi-course food and wine tasting lunch including the top label Pasionado.

Days: Thursday & Sunday.

Schedule: from 8:00am until 5:30pm. Pick up and drop off passengers in each hotel. There is an estimated 30 minute delay between the first and the last hotel.