Cooking Classes

Our cooking lessons are about much more than just a list of ingredients and how to cook them. Everyone who enjoys quality time with fine wine and food should enjoy these tours. Step off the beaten path and discover Mendoza through its food!

The fastest way to the heart of a culture is through its stomach, and Mendoza is no different.  What is perhaps even more rewarding than eating like a local, is understanding the ingredients and care that goes in to the preparation of the local eats, many of which have strong roots in our traditions. 

Our first visit will be to Bodega La Azul. Tiny is the impression you have as you drive up to this winery. It is hard not to look around wondering where the rest of the cellar is. A single stark building, not much larger than other winery´s garages; however, that is all that is required to make some of the finest wines in Argentina.

Hosted by one of the winemarkers, we´ll taste their Cabernet and Malbec wines, which have grabbed much attention for their distinct personality and excellent value. We will continue to enjoy our hands on cooking class at Bodega Andeluna. Their cuisine philosophy is of constant change. It combines the freshness of the products of each season and the delights typical of our country, inviting you to savor the flavors of Argentina’s seven regions.

You´ll learn with their chef how to prepare traditional recipes like "empanadas Mendocinas” in the clay oven, meat and vegetables on the open fire with fresh chimmichurri sauce, among other specialties that we will taste during the lunch along with a selection of premium wines that complement each course. We will return you to your hotel by 5:30pm.

Please enjoy this short video of our fantastic Cooking class at Andeluna Winery...