Aconcagua Trekking

Amazing private full day trekking, certified bilingual guide, box lunch and beverages, private transportation, Aconcagua Park

From:  USD225

Plaza Francia Trekking

Fabulous 3 Day Trekking, Cerro Aconcagua top hiking experience Plaza Francia, certified private bilingual mountain guide, unforgettable adventure trip in Mendoza


Plaza de Mulas Trekking

Trekking, Aconcagua Provincial Park, Plaza de Mulas, Aconcagua Mountain, Exclusive Experience, Andes

From:  USD1350

Aconcagua Summit: Normal Route

Climb the highest mountain in America. Certified and bilingual mountain guides. The best logistics services.

From:  USD4190

Aconcagua Summit: Route 360

Climb Aconcagua following the amazing Vacas Valley. Certified and Bilingual Mountain guides. The best logistics services.

From:  USD4190

Uco Valley Trekking

Full day Uco Valley trekking, Tunuyn region, box lunch, snacks, private transportation, certified bilingual mountain guide

From:  USD225

Trans-andean Trekk

Full day trekking, Adventure through the railroad lines, tunnels, old train stations and bridges, amazing landscapes, private transportation, bilingual mountain guide, box lunch and snacks

From:  USD199

Inca Trail Trekk

Full day trekking in the andes mountains, Transport and Private Guide, box lunch and snacks, discover Mendozas Camino del Inca!


Cordn del Plata Trekk

Full day Trekking, private transportation and certified bilingual mountain guide, box lunch and snacks, Cordn del Plata mountain range.


The Uruguayans Plane Trekk

Special Excursion, Adventure, Unforgettable Experience, Exclusive Tour