2CV Citroen Malbec Tour

Today we will explore Mendoza best wineries driving a vintage Citroen 2CV, a handsome classic car. Just like the Mini or Volkswagen Beetle, these instantly recognisable and iconic Citroens have the ability to turn heads and create smiles.

As with all cars of this age and nature, getting to grips with the fundamental controls takes a bit of getting used to. But once you’ve mastered the unique gearbox and remembered to turn off the indicators after every turn, it is possible to immerse yourself in this fantastic driving experience.

Once you are sat in the driver’s seat you will receive a quick course in the 2CV’s peculiar functioning, its primitive but ingenious design. The window that snaps open and shut, the notorious horizontal gear-stick, and the air-conditioning system – a flap in the dashboard which, when opened, directs a blast of fresh air straight at your face. Upon leaving the hustle and bustle of Mendoza’s city streets, you can truly appreciate the stunning countryside. The fact we can have the roof down on our classic car make the views even more pleasurable.

The first visit of the day is Alta Vista, here you will try their excellent Grand Reserva in a tasting room that is a converted concrete tank. You will also taste the winery's top icon wine called Alto, a regular winner as best Argentine wine at International wine tastings.

Then we will leave for Nicolás Catena's winery, Catena Zapata. You’ll be surprised to discover a pristine Mayan temple tucked away in the vineyards of Mendoza. The impressive, cream-stoned pyramid is the showcase winery for Catena Zapata, one of Argentina’s most prestigious winemakers. The winery is now top of Argentine wine pyramid. What remains is for a privileged few. Now does that sound aristocratic?...

We continue to Bodega Ruca Malén where we´ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience. There, you will taste their entire wine list, including their famous and iconic "Kinien". The dining room is located inside a glass room in the vineyards with a view of the Andes. The menu is amazing and the courses are universally excellent, with clever taste combinations, great presentation and appropriate wine matching.


Please enjoy this short video of our 2CV Malbec tour!...