Mendoza Holidays Awards

Best of Wine Tourism Awards by The Great Wine Capitals Network

About the Great Wine Capitals Global Network

Founded in 1999, the Great Wine Capitals is an alliance of 10 internationally renowned wine regions: Florence, Mainz, Porto, Bordeaux, Mendoza, Cape Town, Christchurch, Bilbao, San Francisco and Valparaiso|Casablanca in Chile.

The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards serve as an industry benchmark for excellence and recognize leading wineries and wine-tourism related businesses in areas such as innovation, service and sustainable practices. 

Over 350 members of the wine trade attended the event, presided over by governor of the province of Mendoza Francisco Pérez, Argentine Tourism minister Enrique Meyer and the minister of tourism of Mendoza Javier Espina.

The evaluation highlighted the most original and innovative elements, while the general basis was: services quality, originality in the tourism offer, customer service and commitment in the development of wine tourism.

The jury awarded 24 prizes – gold, silver and bronze in 7 categories.  The gold award winners in each category were:

1. Accommodation:                                                          Atamisque Lodge

2. Restaurants:                                                                   Familia Zuccardi

3. Services related to wine tourism:                         Mendoza Holidays

4. Parks and gardens:                                                       Pulenta Estate

5. Art & Culture:                                                                 The Way of Wine

6. Relevant experiences in wine tourism:                     Entre Cielos 

7. Sustainable wine tourism practices:                         Salentein Winery

The Best of Wine Tourism Awards gave us an opportunity to reflect on our business and what we have achieved, while re-emphasising to us the importance of working closely with everyone in the industry and continually working to promote the entire region for its wines and as a destination.

Mendoza Holidays is member of AAAVyT (Argentine Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) and Bodegas de Argentina (Wineries of Argentina), registration number 13632 with our administrative office at San Martin 811 - 1st Floor - Mendoza - Argentina.

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