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Buenos Aires, Agentina's largest city, is a seductive world capital located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Portenos, as the diverse people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity. Built by European immigrants, Buenos Aires often surprises first-time visitors with its resemblance to parts of Barcelona, Paris, and Rome.

Buenos Aires is more known for its world-renowned culture than famous monuments. The city, as well as the inhabitants, is characterized by pride in its character and uniqueness. The book readers in the outdoor cafés, the dancers in the smoky tango bars, and the passionate citizens discussing government and futbol (soccer) on the street-corners are all part of the essence of Buenos Aires. The city has one of the greatest entertainment and nightlife scenes in the world. Theaters, tango shows, bars, and clubs all exhibit the great South American flair.

The city of Buenos Aires is broken up into little barrios, or neighborhoods, each one with its own personality. The beautiful and prestigious Recoleta , trendy Palermo , commerce-minded El Centro , timeless San Telmo , picturesque Puerto Madero , and colorful La Boca all contribute to the Buenos Aires' culture and way of life. Buenos Aires' architecture contributes indelibly to life in Buenos Aires as well.        

 Mendoza Holidays offers private tours that introduce you to the highlights of Buenos Aires.

Additionally, you can take a night tour of Buenos Aires, an excursion to a soccer (futbol) match, and an Argentine Tango Tour.
The Buenos Aires lodging guide has a number of hotel, resort, and apartment options for you to choose from. Five-star luxury hotels are rather pricey, as you might predict, but are of particularly excellent value in this area of the world. Tourists can find lodging that best fits their needs and budget throughout Buenos Aires.   
Shopping in Buenos Aires is an experience. Anything you can get in London, Rome or Tokyo, you can get in Buenos Aires, and at a fraction of the cost, plus there are many native products, such as leather goods, that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Best buys in Argentina include leather, fur, wine, and antiques. We offer private Buenos Aires Shopping Tours getting a complete coverage of the shopping scene.
When you are ready to explore Argentina outside of Buenos Aires, you have a number of possibilities. The Regions in Argentina section has guides to the many exciting destinations in other parts of Argentina, including Patagonia and Iguazu Falls.   
Buenos Aires is a very pleasant city to visit year-round. Savor the warm temperatures from September to April, and enjoy the mild winter months from June to August. Take a look at Buenos Aires Weather page for the average monthly high temperatures and further climate information.


Buenos Aires Highlights

These destinations make a great day trip out of the busy capital of Buenos Aires. In most of these destinations there is accommodation to stay overnight if so desired.

Choose between taking a ferry to nearby Uruguay, visiting a horse ranch (gaucho ranch), or visiting summer homes in the suburbs of Buenos Aires on your day trip.


Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia is a lively colonial town with narrow cobbled streets flanked by whitewashed buildings. A trip to this charming town will seem like a trip back in time. Colonia is also only a 2 hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires, a close proximity that allows a great day-trip.


Estancias and Ranches
Only a few hours from Buenos Aires there are many Estancias, or guest ranches. The Estancias are ideal for getting out of the city for a day and enjoying nature from an authentic Argentine farmhouse. Most Estancias offer a guacho show and an asado(meat grill) lunch. Many also include activities such as horseback riding, hiking, swimming pool, and access to golf and tennis courts.    

Tigre and Parana River Delta
Only an hour north of Buenos Aires by train (slightly longer by bus) is the tranquil suburb of Tigre, a good base for discovering life on the canals of the Delta del Parana. Buenos Aires' residents often come here for a summer retreat and the area can get busy on weekends.    
San Antonio de Areco
On the south bank of the Rio Areco , 70 miles west of Buenos Aires, is a slice of the old frontier life, where many of the friendly locals still wear gaucho berets, the post office always closes for lunch and nobody ever locks their bikes. Only two hours from the capital by bus, the serene village of San Antonio de Areco seems years away from the noise of the capital. The town is a throw back to the country's original gaucho culture and has become a popular weekend getaway for city slickers. San Antonio de Areco's old-time kiosks serve up delightful treats, such as alfajor, a type of biscuit, and the traditional handicrafts sold at its weekly market make excellent momentos. There are also more than enough museums, cultural centres, churches and monuments in the town to keep tourists amused for a full day.    

Further Destinations:

In other sections of this site you will find full descriptions to places like Iguazu Waterfalls , Bariloche, El Calafate, Ushuaia, etc.


                 Patagonia Argentina

                  Patagonia Argentina

                  Iguazu Waterfalls

                     Iguazu Waterfalls




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